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Autistic Spectrum Disorders Screenshot Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Autism is a group of developmental brain disorders, collectively called autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The term "spectrum" refers to the wide range of symptoms, skills, and levels of impairment, or disability, that persons with ASD can have. Symptoms usually start before age three, and some people are mildly impaired by their symptoms, but others are severely disabled.

Currently, the autism spectrum disorder category includes:

  • Autistic disorder (also called “classic” autism)
  • Asperger syndrome
  • Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (or atypical autism)

Recent estimates by the CDC indicate that 1 in 88 children has been identified with an ASD. Research has demonstrated that early screening and intervention has positive benefits for the child’s development. However, different people with autism can have very different symptoms. One person may have mild symptoms, while another may have serious symptoms.

Burkhardt Services offers services for Autism Spectrum Disorder patients and their families, including:

  • Diagnostic assessments and consultation
  • Coordination of IEP and 504 plans for school/college
  • Treatment planning with parents, teachers, physicians and therapists
  • Behavioral interventions including social skills coaching, positive behavioral supports, and individual/family counseling
  • Parent/sibling coaching and counseling
  • Neurofeedback

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