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How to Contact Insurance

Contact your Insurance provider to discuss what your Behavioral Health coverage is. At times it will vary from your medical coverage. Contact the customer service phone number which is listed on the back of your insurance card. Ask the representative that you are seeking Behavioral Health services.

If You Have Insurance:

How it usually works...

If you have insurance, then your insurance company determines how much we can charge. This is called the “usual and customary” fee. The insurance company then pays a certain percentage of that amount (depending on your plan), and you pay the rest.  However, depending on your plan, you may also have a deductible that you have to pay each year before insurance coverage kicks in, and/or you may have a session limit.

For example: Blue Cross Blue Shield allows me to charge $88.20 per individual session. Now let’s say that they cover your services at a rate of 80%, then they would pay $70.56 and you would pay $17.64 per session. However, if you also had a $600 deductible, then you would have to pay the usual and customary fee ($88.20) per session until you reach $600, after which your coverage would kick in, and you would start paying $17.64 per session.

Call your insurance company before receiving services.

It is important that you call your insurance company before receiving services. Tell them that you are seeking outpatient mental health services, and ask them these questions:

  • “Do I need pre-authorization?”  (If so, ask them how to do this.)
  • “Do I have to pay a deductible?”  (If so, ask them how much you will need to pay before coverage kicks in.)
  • “Do I have to pay co-insurance or a co-pay; and what would that amount be?”  (This is what you would pay out of pocket for each session.)
  • “Do I have a session limit?”  (If you go past your session limit for the year, the additional sessions would be charged to you at full fee (see below).  If you have had previous mental health services this year, your session limit may include those as well, so make sure you know how many you still have left.)
  • You might also want to make sure that they don’t sub-contract mental health coverage out to another company.

We recommend that you talk to your insurance company before your first session, so that you can be sure what to expect.  Your insurance company may require you to do so, so that you can get pre-authorized.

Burkhardt Services also verifies your insurance.

Burckhardt Services will routinely contact your insurance company before your first appointment. We will let you know what your insurance company told us.

If You Do Not Have Insurance:

Usually, if you do not have insurance (or prefer not to use it), then you would be expected to pay full fee. For clients who do not use insurance, payment in full is expected at each session.

How much does counseling cost?

Our standard fees for a 50 minute counseling session are $150 for a therapist with a Doctoral degree and $140 for a therapist with a Master’s degree.

Does Burkhardt Services accept insurance?

Counseling sessions are often covered by insurance. Burkhardt Services is in-network for Blue Cross Blue Shield so we accept nearly all BCBS PPO plans. Most other insurance providers offer some out-of-network benefits, though the coverage is usually less than it would be for an in-network provider. Please note that at this time, Burkhardt Services does not accept any type of public aid, including Medicare or Medicaid.

How do I schedule an appointment with a therapist?

The best way to set up an appointment is to call our main number at 708-364-7046. One of our administrative staff will take some basic information from you, including information about your insurance policy. When you call in, please be ready to provide the following information:

  • Insurance information printed on your insurance card
  • The best time for seeing your therapist on a weekly basis
  • A brief description of the reason you are seeking counseling

How long does the process take?

Because we match every client with a therapist who will be the best fit for them, our intake process can take up to 5 business days. However, we do our best to accommodate requests to begin therapy as soon as possible.

Please note, Burkhardt Services is not a crisis center...

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