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Psychological Assessments

The qualified staff at Burkhardt Services performs psychological assessments, including psychological and neuropsychological testing, covering a variety of issues or concerns. Some common reasons for a child or adult to be assessed include the following:

  • He or she is experiencing significant emotional distress in daily functioning;
  • He or she is exhibiting symptoms or behaviors that appear unusual or maladaptive;
  • He or she is failing to meet developmental milestones or is having difficulty succeeding in school;
  • His or her parent, significant other, teacher, or friend has noticed that something is wrong but is unsure what it is;
  • To evaluate treatment progress and/or to review original diagnosis

Neuropsychological Testing

Neuropsychological testing refers to the variety of tests and measures that allow one to examine various brain-based functions such as executive functioning, attention, and varying types of memory. The tests highlight specific information about how we learn, assimilate and retain various types of information and sensory input. Neuropsychological testing includes an educational component, but also involves cognitive abilities, brain-behavior relationships, social skills and personality functioning.  This type of assessment is used to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD/ADD and Learning Disabilities, and may also be helpful in diagnosing and clarifying other disorders such as Autistic Spectrum Disorders/Asperger’s Syndrome. The comprehensive nature of these evaluations leads to more accurate diagnosis, identification of strengths and weaknesses, and the need for appropriate interventions, including more accurate planning for individualized education plans (IEPs).

Psychological Testing

Psychological testing involves the use of tools and techniques of psychology to learn about another person in order to inform about current functioning or to help predict future behavior and functioning. The tools used help to identify and understand a person’s basic personality traits, behavioral and emotional functioning, and interpersonal style, with the goal being to arrive at ideas about a person and their behavior, personality style, and strengths as well as recommendations to improve functioning.

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